UPDATE (April 20):

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office has confirmed to XXL Anastasios Manettas was arrested on multiple charges in court today.


An attorney in Young Thug's YSL RICO case was reportedly arrested prior to today's hearing.

The YSL RICO trial in Atlanta trudges along with not a single juror being selected over three months into the process. On Thursday (April 20), the courtroom had a shakeup when YSL case attorney Anastasios Manettas was arrested right before the hearing started, according to local Atlanta news outlet WSB-TV. Manettas was allegedly caught with prescription pills in court and threw his cell phone at a deputy. He has been charged with two counts of pills not in their original container, one count of obstruction and one count of simple battery against a law enforcement officer. Manettas represents Young Thug codefendant Miles Farley.

XXL has reached out to the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and the Fulton County Superior Court for comment.

This is the second day of wild disruptions in the YSL RICO trial, which officially began on Jan. 4 with jury selection. On Wednesday (April 19), court officials suspected YSL codefendant Rodaluis "Lil Rod" Ryan had marijuana in his possession in court. When they tried to removed him, it caused a scene in the courtroom. Ryan could then be heard screaming from a holding area, which prompted officers to clear the courtroom.

Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel addressed the incident on Thursday, calling it "outrageous" and implying officials may have planned the scene to give the YSL members a disadvantage in court.

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