Looks like all that controversy surrounding Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl halftime performance paid off—well, for Janet Jackson anyway.

While Timberlake's performance was mostly dragged for being lackluster, Janet's music got a streaming bump. Fader reports that Janet's Spotify streams actually increased by 150 percent, according to the streaming company.

According to Spotify, the top five Janet Jackson songs streamed were, "That's The Way Love Goes" (up 126 percent), "Any Time, Any Place" (up 59 percent), "Rhythm Nation" (up 707 percent), "All For You" (up 413 percent), and "I Get Lonely" (up 97 percent).

The spike in streams also comes after fans declared Super Bowl Sunday Janet Jackson Appreciation Day in support of the superstar, after she was essentially black balled following the infamous "wardrobe malfunction." Fans pointed out how unfair (and also wack) it was that Justin's fame continued to grow after the incident, while Janet's has yet to recover, labeling it yet another example of white male privilege.

And guess who else's streams got a huge bump after the halftime show? Yep, Prince's. Despite the rumored hologram shenanigans, Spotify reports the icon's catalogue jumped 205 percent after JT performed a "duet" with him during his set.

Justin's music had a jump in streams as well. For whatever reason, people seemed to want to hear more of his incredibly overplayed song, "Can't Stop the Feeling!"—it spiked 214 percent after the show.


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