Jay Z and Beyonce’s performance of ‘Partition’ at the 2014 BET Awards was almost too hot for TV!

The husband and wife took the stage to close out the awards show — and what an ending they gave us. Jay Z hit the stage first, bathed in red light as he rapped an intro for his wife. The crowd went wild when she took over, dressed in a glittery leotard and lit by a single spotlight.

Her entire performance was laced with sexual energy, which is no surprise considering the sexual nature of the song. Beyonce and her backup dancers grinded and gyrated against poles, backed by screens flashing fire and leopard prints.

The curvaceous singer moved on for a solo scene, where she sensually danced on a long black seat. She was overlaid by patterned lights that pulsated to the heavy beat of the song and her slow, intimate movements. Combined with the seductive lyrics, the show was almost overwhelmingly hot!

If tonight's performance is any indication of what the power couple’s On the Run Tour will be like, fans hitting Jay Z and Beyonce's upcoming shows are in for some hot and heavy performances.

Watch Jay Z and Beyonce perform 'Partition' in the video above!

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