You can take all the Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors that ever surfaced, soak them in metaphorical gasoline and light a match, because they're apparently the only celebrity couple we can believe in these days. Jay is Beyonce's forever love and (like the entire PopCrush staff) he's a big ol' Bey stan too, and some videos shot at the Budweiser Made In America Festival prove it.

Beyonce's Saturday night set was the talk of the internet this weekend. She sang a mix of solo hits and Destiny's Child songs including "Say My Name" and "Survivor," and played Ronda Rousey's "do nothing b---tch" speech for the crowd, in addition to snippets from Eartha Kitt and poet Maya Angelou. As we've all come to expect from Beyonce, she put in a flawless performance and looked perfect while doing it — and her husband loved every minute of it.

An eagle-eyed hero in VIP caught Jay watching the set dressed while "disguised" in a grey hoodie pulled low over his eyes (nice try, but he's one of the tallest people in the audience and also JAY Z). Nick Jonas stands next to him, fully absorbed in Beyonce's number and somehow immune to the charms of Jay Z passionately singing along to "1+1." It is the best.

He also enjoyed "7/11" as it was meant to be enjoyed: Hoisting a drink in the air as the lights glint off your massive ring while yelling "hold that cup like alcohol, don't you drop that alcohol!"

Sure, having your husband visibly enjoy your performance while you headline a major festival that he co-founded is one of the loftiest #relationshipgoals ever — but consider the bar set.

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