Jennifer Lopez was ready to give fans the concert of a lifetime on Saturday (July 13) when New York City underwent a blackout, effectively shutting down the performer's Madison Square Garden show mid-set.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reported that the singer was three songs in when the audio cut and the emergency flood lights went on around 9:25PM ET.

"The power went out and an announcement went out over the intercom, the speaker, saying that this was the building engineer and that as a precaution we need everybody to evacuate the building,” he wrote.

It was Lopez’s second night performing at the famed venue for her It’s My Party Tour. Lopez shared her frustrations on her social media accounts, posting videos after the incident.

“Heartbroken to say tonight’s show is cancelled. We will reschedule. Love you all!!! Stay safe,” she captioned the first video.

Lopez’s show is rescheduled for Monday (July 15). Lopez promised fans in a video that they will get their money’s worth, sharing that she was “devastated” she couldn’t finish the show.

Watch Lopez’s Instagram videos, below.

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