95-year-old former President Jimmy Carter will still be teaching Sunday school at his Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia despite suffering a fractured pelvis last week.

Carter has been teaching at Maranatha Baptist Church for decades. The Church had already sent out an announcement saying he would not make it for the second Sunday in a row, but were pleased to hear he was up for it.

"We are proud and relieved to announce President Carter has changed his mind and decided that he feels well enough (to) teach,"

-Update from Maranatha Batist via Chron

A fall is what caused the 39th president's injury. This is at least the third fall of the year and second in October. He was back to helping build homes for Habitat for Humanity shortly after getting 14 stitches from his October 6th fall.


Here's a little opinion. I fully support letting the elderly work and do as much as they are willing to. I see a lot of folks try and hold family members and loved ones back. I know it's based in love, but I believe it allows them to hold on to youth longer.

Carter can veto his family's request to stay at home on the couch on account of, well, he was the president of the free world. Your grandparents don't have that, but I always say listening to the elderly is wise. If grandma wants to run the bingo club, go skydiving and start a swing band, let her.

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