Joanna Gaines continues to announce additions coming to Magnolia Market with the addition of 'Magnolia Press' which will be a new coffee house at the Silos.

Gaines made the announcement showing off a new logo for the Magnolia Press on Instagram and inviting fans of the Silos to get ready to enjoy a new favorite place to relax and sip. Joanna said it seemed like the only thing missing at the shopping hotspot.

As part of her announcement online Joanna said, "Whether I’m in a new city or revisiting one I’ve been to many times, I love to stop into a coffee shop and take some time to soak in the space. Every coffee shop seems to create its own magical cozy world full of personality, character, and charm. The chatter, the aromas, and the warmth all invite me to stop and reflect—even if only for a moment,"

KXXV reports The Magnolia Press will open later this year. Construction is going on right now at the Silos but visitors say there really isn't much to see so far at the Magnolia Press location. If you follow Joanna on social media you can expect to see additional updates coming soon.

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