This is what we call a different sort of in flight entertainment.

Justin Bieber apparently got cranky while on a 12-hour Air New Zealand flight after his promotional tour of Australia. He spewed some dirty words and one fellow passenger had enough of the colorful language that the singer and his entourage used. Long flights will test anyone’s patience so perhaps The Biebs couldn’t hold back? We dunno, we weren’t there, but that’s a distinct possibility.

The Biebs, returning from a promo tour, was with his crew of people in first class. They were blurting out curse words and they were doing so loudly. According to TMZ, that’s when a mother of two confronted the ‘As Long as You Love Me’ singer and accosted him for using that type of language in such closed quarters. The site reports that the offended woman said, “Stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane. It’s not appropriate.”

There you have it. No pottymouths on the plane. The Biebs is usually surrounded by so many young fans so we would expect him to be at least a little more mindful of his language. While he was probably having a good time with his peeps, we were surprised to hear that someone had to complain.

The Biebs ended up apologizing later, which we’re happy to hear.

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