Last weekend, Justin Bieber set a record with the Make-A-Wish Foundation by becoming the first musician to fulfill 200 wishes. But that's not the only charitable work he does -- and if you don't know that, he's more than willing to show you.

On Tuesday, the Biebs posted the shot above to his Instagram page with the caption, "Always give back."

Apparently, it depicts Justin in the driver's seat of his white Ferrari, handing some of his estimated net worth of $130 million to a homeless woman. (At least we're assuming that's Justin. It's his car and all, but Lil Twist is usually the one driving it, so who knows.)

We're sure the lady in the photo -- which has gotten nearly 800K likes -- appreciated the gift, and it was nice of Bieber to come up off the cash. We're just wondering if he knows good deeds are still good deeds even if you don't tell anyone about them.

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