There is one thing Justin Bieber won't do in his songs and it's non-negotiable and won't change.

In a chat with The Daily Mail, the teen sensation said, "I am going to change and grow through my music and doing films. This album was different. My next album will be even edgier." But it's not going to edgy enough to warrant a parental advisory sticker. "My music is never going to have swear words in it. Never," the singer, famous for his song 'Never Say Never,' said.

Another thing he is certain about, besides cuss-free songs? "I definitely don’t want to be just another teen heartthrob. But there are different ways of growing. I want to be loved like Michael Jackson was, from the four-year-olds to the 80-year-olds," he declared.

The Biebs also revealed that he wants to follow the career trajectories of Usher and Justin Timberlake. "I look at Justin Timberlake and Usher and see how they crossed over really successfully, and I’ve seen people go off at the deep end, get full of themselves, think they’re the best and end up not being anything. I’ve worked way too hard for that," he said.

Sounds like a kid who knows who he is and what he wants. He also knows that there is a higher power guiding him.

The Biebs also spoke about his Christianity. He has a Jesus Christ tattoo on his calf, and the Hebrew word for "Jesus" on his ribcage. Clearly, he loves the Lord.

Despite not attending church on a regular basis, Biebs said, "I believe that He put me in this position, and that I have to always give Him the glory He deserves for putting me here." Amen.

One other thing The Biebs wants people to remember about him, besides that he wants to be edgy, is more than a heartthrob, avoids cursing in songs and believes that Jesus works through him? He is not some manufactured pop star, nor is he this year's model plucked off a record label assembly line.

"People think I’m a product, that they found this good-looking kid, cut his hair nice and put Auto-Tune on his voice, wrote him good songs, taught him how to dance and then said, 'Here is a pop star for you,'" he said about the common misconception. "I am the furthest thing from that. I’m a musician; I play instruments, I write songs. I’m a businessman; I want to create an empire. I want people to know I don’t just sing songs. I’m the guy who signed the girl who just had the biggest single all round the world."

He's referring to Carly Rae Jepsen and her smash hit 'Call Me Maybe'  which he is pretty much responsible for, in terms of exposing it to in the U.S.

So while he might sound cocky, we think he's confident. And he has every right and reason to be.

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