Warning: Maybe don't read this one while you're eating. Justin Timberlake's Italian restaurant, Destino, reportedly closed down because of flooding. And while that's actually totally true, the nature of the flood has finally been revealed almost a year and a half later --and it sure is something we weren't betting on.

According to Page Six, the details surrounding the close came to light from a new lawsuit the former restaurant partners decided to file against the insurance company. It turns out some of the restaurant's plumbing pipes were actually illegal, and wound up spewing -- wait for it -- human excrement all over the place. Talk about an appetite suppressant.

The worst part? This reportedly happened more than one time. That's right -- the first time the pipes burst was in July 2013. The restaurant was closed for four months in an attempt to repair the damage, but was rushed to open again in November 2013. A few days after the restaurant was back in business, a pipe fell from the basement ceiling -- releasing more human waste that eventually resulted in a mold infestation. But, like, even without the mold infestation, the human waste everywhere might have been reason enough to close things down, no?

So, there you have it: A brand-new meaning can now be assigned to Justin's song 'Cry Me a River.' Sorry, we had to.

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