After only tweeting sparingly in the last year, Kanye West has been seemingly rambling non-stop since he rejoined the Twitterverse last week. But his timeline isn't totally filled with philosophical musings and ideological observations. West recently revealed he has a solo album and a joint project with Kid Cudi dropping in June. On Saturday (April 21), Yeezy shared some art inspired by Tokyo-based artist Takashi Murakami related to the forthcoming project, which is titled Kids See Ghosts.

"Murakami vibes," West captioned the art on Twitter. The image shows what is seemingly two caricatures of West and Cudi standing next to a ball of smoke with a face. "Kids See Ghosts" is printed on the image in a spray paint font. It is black-and-white other than some Asian lettering, an autograph and a sunflower that looks like it was added after the fact. It is unclear whether this is a version of the actual cover art for the upcoming project.

West and Murasaki have worked together in the past. He designed the cover art for Graduation. He also directed the video for "Good Morning." Kanye and Cudi visited the artist back in August 2017, with Murasaki documenting the visit on Instagram.

The new joint project will be dropping on June 8, a week after Kanye puts out his new seven-song album on June 1. West also recently revealed Pusha T's new album will be dropping a week prior to his on May 25. Cruel summer.

Check out the Takashi Murakami-inspired art for Kanye and Kid Cudi's Kids See Ghosts project below.

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