Will we be hearing some serious dancehall tunes from Katy Perry on her next album? Hopefully... If Diplo has anything to do with it! The 'Wide Awake' songstress is hard at work on her fourth studio album, and she's called in superstar producer and Major Lazer mastermind Diplo for help.

Even though the producer and songstress joined forces, Diplo is still not clear on whether their tracks will make the cut. He told The Sun, "I just did some stuff with Katy Perry, I don't know if it will come out," he continued, "She's so confident and has a great voice."

If his remarks are any indication, whatever he and Katy Perry did in the studio is probably going to be a little left of center. Diplo explained, "I always worry about making the pop tracks too weird, but then if people want a Diplo record they must know I'm going to be f---ing weird." More weird, the better!

However, we should have seen Diplo and KP working together a long time ago. The mind behind Major Lazer tweeted back in April:

We're more than ready to hear the fruits of their labor!

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