Scream Queen, Drama Queen...Whatever you want to call her!

KeKe Palmer is definitely not here for Trey Songz and his crew!

So yesterday; all hell broke lose when Keke Palmer realized that she made  an appearance in the "Pick Up The Phone remix," video after Trey Songz allegedly assured her she wasn't filmed.

Over the last few months Keke Palmer has been showing fans a different side of her. She's been very vocal with her opinions on fair treatment towards females and she's also been known to speak on being true to your beliefs.

If you were one of the many who didnt take her serious before then you should definitely take heed now because Trey Songz may have to pay for doubting her.

According to Keke she and a couple of friends went to a house party that was being thrown by Trey Songz. Allegedly, after a few drinks she began to get harassed by the crew to film a piece for the video that features Trey and Fabolous! After declining several times she decided it was best to hide in the closet because she was beginning to feel overwhelmed (Thats crazy)...

Long story short, Keke was indeed surprised to see herself in the video the following morning. So surprised that she went in on Trey Songz via IG.

Babyyyyyy, she was pissed!

Here's the video that has her so hot...

Do you think she's overreacting?


To check out the entire rant and what Trey Songz had to say back check out the stations IG @MYB106

This is messyyyyy, I'm eager to see how this will play out!


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