She may have a reputation as one of the dirtiest girls in pop, but party-happy Kesha is actually a bit of a clean freak. But rest assured, she's still a freak, which she embraces, and that's what we love about her.

The 'Supernatural' singer, who once admitted to smelling like a hobo and who drank her own urine on television, insists she probably has a sweeter aroma than people assume.

She told Heat magazine (via the Telegraph), "I'm a little bit of a freak about that. I know people think I'm really dirty, but I actually shower four times a day, obsessively!" she swore. "I love water. I would live in the ocean if I could. Every time I take a shower, I change my knickers!"

Being clean helps Kesha accept herself as she is a little more easily, which is something she wishes more girls could do. What's she insecure about? She won't get into specifics, but she knows that she's not perfect -- and she's fine with that. "There are tons of things, but I'm at that point right now where I'm trying to accept every little bit of me," she said. "Trust me, I don’t have the perfect body, but I don't have anything else to work with, so I might as well accept it. I think it’s like that with every woman; you just have to try and accept it."

Still, K-Dollar Sign has no apologies for her occasionally eccentric (though lately more glam) style. "I think that what really matters is you should always wear what you look good in and feel comfortable and confident in," she said simply. "But, more importantly, if you're a good person and having fun, why not be confident?"

Amen, animals!

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