Kevin Gates is catching some heat for a video clip featuring himself and R&B singer Summer Walker.

On Tuesday (March 22), a Twitter user posted a video featuring Kevin Gates and Summer Walker at what appears to be an afterparty for a recent show of Walker's. Now, two days later, Gates is trending from the backlash he's receiving.

In the clip, Gates is seen sitting down next to Walker and as he pulls in to speak directly in her ear, he puts her arm around her. Many people are interpreting Summer's body language to say that he was making her feel uncomfortable.

Another user commented: "This really giving vibes of those n****s that give knowledge and think every girl want them so they feel entitled but when sis got boundaries they like what’s wrong baby it’s me. IDC GOODBYE AND DONT TOUCH ME."

The user who posted the video of Gates and Walker also brought up a
2016 clip of himself where he brushes off Atlanta radio DJ Traci Steele

A few people brought up the fact that Gates and Steele weren't on the best terms at the time, and another user tweeted a video of Gates that seemed to be in response to the awkward moment. "Look, my dog asked me the other day, he said, 'How come, when that girl touched you, you wiped your shoulder off like this?' I said, 'First of all, I'm married. Second of all, I'm holy. Don't put your dirty-ass hands on me,'" the Twitter user typed.

At this time, neither Gates nor Walker have commented on the clip that has Gates trending on Twitter right now.

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