Prank war!


Kevin Hart vs Nick Cannon it's the battle of best friends and it's getting funny. If you're an avid social media user or a fan of comedy, movies, or hell just television overall then you're no stranger to the long-standing friendship of the two actors/comedians.

Both Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon have been trending topics these last couple of months. Nick Cannon is the talk of baby fathers as he competes with Future for the lead baby daddy title in the industry while Kevin Hart has been promoting new business ventures and speaking candidly of his cheating ways and parenting conversations.

Well, now the two are turning their trending topics into a prank war.
Last week Nick Cannon kicked off the prank war by sending Kevin Hart a llama to his house with a little message. Check it out below

Today Kevin Hart followed up with a response prank. Check it out below.

After watching both pranks who do you think is winning the war?

My money is on Kevin Hart. Could you imagine your phone being off the hook because of a billboard?

Yeah these two got long money!


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