Waco Lions Park and Kiddieland is an iconic piece of Waco's history, and now you have a chance to own a little piece of it before it's gone forever.

Kiddieland Waco Is About To Be Demolished

The City of Waco announced earlier in the year that Kiddieland at Waco Lion’s Park would be torn down as part of a $2 Million renovation.

FOX44 News reports that The City of Waco released a statement saying, “Kiddieland” at Waco Lion’s Park is being taken down as part of a “strategic planning and rebuilding process.” 

A Brief History of Kiddieland

According to The Waco Tribe, the park opened in 1952 as a ballpark with the amusement park, known as "Kiddieland", opening in 1965. Generations of Central Texans would celebrate special events like birthday parties and summer activities there.

Waco History Up For Bids

The park closed due to COVID-19 and has never re-opened. Now, the Waco Founders Lions Club will auction off the rides, equipment, and furniture from Kiddieland, including the kiddie rides, go-carts, and much more.

The Lions Club will keep the the small train and carousel for possible use following the redevelopment.

Garner And Associates, Auctioneers have been commissioned to run the online auction, and you can see and bid on these item on their website at ronniegarner.com.

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What's Up For Grabs?

Some of the items up for auction include the train caboose that was used as a party room. The current bid at the time of this writing was at $3,200. Just imagine what you could do with a train caboose.

The Zoom Saucer Ride, Rocket Ride, Monkey Mayhem Barrel Ride, Small Farris Wheel, and even the Go Gator Coaster are available to buy as well.

The auction is open now and will close on November 18, so you have plenty of time browse and bid.

The city has said that whatever they do there, they intend to “preserve the Waco Lions’ intent and the final project will remain affordable and relevant for Waco families.”  

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