Chris Ferry of Atlantic City, New Jersey recently had his face posted on a billboard that read “ Wish My Dad Happy Birthday” as a gift from his two sons who live in Florida.

The only problem is that the billboard posted his phone number as well.

This prompted people to send over 15,000 text messages and phone calls from strangers wishing him a happy birthday.

Good thing dad is a good sport. He told FOX 29 he wishes he would have thought of it.

Turns out this was one a number of pranks orchestrated by his two sons over the years. We don't know that they've done to him in the past, but it's going to be hard to top this one without some serious consequences.

Chris later had to change his phone number. Hopefully his provider sits on that old number for a while before reassigning it, or someone's going to get a new phone and be bombed with messages.


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