Emani Payne with KCENTV has shared the awesome news that Madison Barnett had successful sight-saving surgery in Austin on Wednesday.

If you are not familiar with Madison Barnett, she has a great story and the full support of her community who pitched in to help cover the cost of saving her eyesight.

Her eye condition if left unchecked would have resulted in a loss of vision. In fact, Madison had almost gotten used to the idea that she would go blind one day. Her insurance company would not pay for the operation, so Madison and her family turned to the community for donations. It was an amazing outpouring of support that saw donations soar until the cost of the operation was covered. Just the sound of her voice after the surgery tells you how excited this teenager is that now she will be able to walk without a cane and that someday she will even be able to learn how to drive a car.

Can you imagine living with the fear of knowing you may lose your eyesight someday?


Madison told KCEN, "I plan on learning how to drive, I plan on being able to see as I walk across the stage at graduation and I'll be able to go take my senior pictures next month." Madison has a twin sister Patricia who is just as excited knowing her sister's life is about to change. Patricia is so thankful her sister can see her now and by the time graduation comes around, Madison will be able to walk across the stage by herself to get her diploma.


We wish her a speedy recovery from the surgery and many happy memories with her friends and family. Most of all we pass along our thanks to all the members of the Killeen community who pitched in to do a wonderful thing for someone. Ya just can't beat living in Texas. It's awesome to see folks take care of each other.

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