In these difficult COVID times where small businesses are struggling to stay open, the fine folks over at have great news for those in Killeen and surrounding areas that want to get paid!

The website helps small business owners find the best services to grow their business.

They are looking to pay someone $1000 to not shop at big businesses, but instead do their holiday shopping at small, locally owned businesses.

According to their website, the person they are looking for is being asked to shop at 3 such businesses either in-store or online. (Third Party Amazon sellers don't meet their criteria.)

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The chosen candidate will be asked to report back on their experience with customer service, prices, products, and more. Their feedback will be compared to shoppers' experiences at the big box stores and major online retailers.

I believe this is a great opportunity for everyone to help small businesses after a challenging year. After all, when you patronize local businesses, you keep that money here in Central Texas, support local entrepreneurs and their employees, and help preserve the culture and unique identity of our Central Texas communities.

Yeah, you can find a Walmart or Dollar General in just about any town in Texas these days, and Amazon is everywhere as long you have an internet connection. Locally owned businesses have a distinct character, especially those that have been open for generations. They're not just places to buy stuff - they're local institutions full of tradition, and many of them are active in community outreach.

So yeah, this is a great opportunity to support small businesses and a way for you to get some extra coins!

Go here to apply. You'll need to get your application in by Monday, November 30.

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