Things can get crazy in Killeen, Texas, but this is too much.

What's With This Wobbly Street Light in Killeen?

After what I saw this weekend, I feel it's my duty to make folks aware of it so no one gets hurt.

I saw a traffic light that wiggles on Veterans Memorial Boulevard. I mean, it wiggles really badly, as if it's about to fall down. I thought I was seeing things at first, but the more I looked at it, the more it wiggled.

Can you imagine driving along, then all of a sudden something falls on top of your car? Not the visual I want, either up-close or while following you!

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Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie

Look Out, Central Texas!

It was a normal Saturday morning for me, just driving to get bagels for my family. I stopped for a red light and was observing my surroundings, appreciating the nice day and listening to my music.

Then I saw it. Two lights down, I saw a stoplight moving up and down very fast. I had to get a quick video, because I didn't think anyone would believe me.

Be On the Lookout

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one to notice. The driver next to me rolled down their window and signaled me to do the same. They asked if I had seen the same thing!

So, I want to warn the good people of Central Texas to beware the wobbly traffic light on Veterans Memorial in Killeen.

Be safe out there, and always mind your surroundings.

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