Ronald Perry ak.a. DJ P-Funk has been djing here in Killeen since 2009.

If you are reading this and you hang out with the kool kids, you have already been to a couple of parties where DJ P-Funk has rocked it!

Originally from Maryland, P-Funk started DJing at age 17, but really got serious in 1992 when he got his first paid gig spinning records.

Married with 2 kids, P-Funk is a 20 year Retired Army Vet, who says he was advised by one of his friends to start DJing at clubs, after being so popular spinning at house parties.

Over the years, P- Funk has spun at these spot shere in Killeen...just to name a few:

Junction 45

Big Al's

Club Inferno

Club Rain



Wall Street

City Lights

Club Tabu

Crescent Lounge

The Vault




Club Xtraordinaire

Club Dream's

Now he spins at MidTown in Austin on Thursdays, and Saturday's here in Killeen at Club Empire, you can also check him out Fridays at 8pm on our sister station 103.1 KISS FM Thursdays at midnight, Fridays at 5pm, and Saturdays at 10pm right here on B106!

In other words......P Funk out here workin!!!!

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