Students have already been through a lot this school year with the current pandemic dragging on, but now things have only gotten worse here in Texas.

With winter storm Uri passing through last week, schools were shut down to maintain the safety of students. Now that the storm is over, many schools retained water damage and had to stay closed down for a little bit.

Most Killeen ISD schools reopened to students Thursday after assessing the damages. While schools around the district have missing tiles on the floors and ceilings along with other signs of water damage, they will be safe for students to return to. With crews working nonstop on the damages, a lot has been fixed so far, but there are still places in need of repairs.

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Three schools, Audie Murphy Middle School, Palo Alto Middle School, and Skipcha Elementary School, were forced to conducting lessons exclusively online all this week because they sustained the most damage.

Across Killeen ISD, students were even asked to bring their own water bottles with them when they came back to school, something that hopefully wasn't too difficult given that many Texans lost water supply due to the storm.

I can't help but feel sorry for the students that have to try to continue with their work during all of this. Not only are things more difficult because of Covid-19, but they also had to deal with a record breaking winter storm here in Texas. This is the third time that schools had to be reopened for students, which is definitely out of the ordinary. A stable academic routine can go a long way toward student success, and learners in Central Texas have had a turbulent year to say the least.

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