Kim Kardashian is one of the undisputed selfie queens of Instagram — and this little social media tidbit makes that even more clear.

In a photo shared on Instagram, the reality star, husband Kanye West and daughter North West accidentally photobomb a woman and her young child. You don't have to look closely to see the entire West family flanking the woman on either side.

Clearly, it's not an intentional appearance in the photo — both Kim and Kanye look like they don't even realize the woman and her child are posing — but it is a pretty hilarious shot. After all, we're pretty sure the last time Kim was anywhere other than front and center in a photo came back when she was Paris Hilton's mysterious best friend.

Adding to the intrigue of the photo? The fact that the woman in the foreground happens to live a pretty fabulous life as well. Her name is Alice Bramford and according to the Daily Mail, she's the daughter of billionaire Sir Anthony Bamford and Lady Carole, OBE.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the three were photographed at Nobu, a notoriously popular and fancy eatery. Alice's caption is nonchalant (even though we know she had to have noticed her famous photobombers before posting the shot. Then again, the hashtag #GreatCompany could very well be in reference to Kimye and North.

The photo was clearly taken before Kim seemingly decided to return to her brunette roots. We're glad to see her platinum blond 'do got one last hurrah.

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