Kim Kardashian is an inspiration to naturally beautiful women everywhere.

The reality star went makeup-free on the cover of Vogue Spain's latest issue, and though her face is partially obscured with her hand, we already know Kim looks good without makeup. Besides, the overt placement of her hand gives us a clear view of her 15-carat engagement ring up close. Look at all that wealth!

According to a tweet Kim posted earlier today (July 17), the entire shoot was done without Kim's face seeing even a dab of makeup. We may never be clear on the true definition of "makeup-free" in any magazine-shoot — it could mean that Kim really did just wake up and wash her face, but it could also mean she's wearing a bevy of natural-looking products.

She looks good though, so the cover is impressive either way.

To those of you with naturally long, dark eyelashes and clear skin just like Kim: How does it feel to finally be represented in the media? Are you proud of Kim for daring to go bare-faced, ditching her daily $2,000 makeup routine to embrace her imperfections (of which she doesn't seem to noticeably have any)?

What about the rest of you (AKA the majority of the population) with your uneven skin tone and asymmetrical features? Does this cover encourage you to pile on the foundation, or have you given up altogether knowing your skin will never have that dewy radiance that comes from consistently using products by La Mer?

How about Sinead O'Connor? Do you think she's impressed with this cover? Actually, let's maybe not ask her.

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