Kodak Black is giving back to the area that raised him and is helping people beat the heat.

On Saturday (July 3), the South Florida rapper pulled up to his former housing projects, Golden Acres in Pompano Beach, Fla., in a U-Haul truck and delivered around 100 air conditioning units to needy residents.

"People relying on just enough cash to survive in the projects," Kodak said in video footage captured of the A/C drive. "We love to give back in any shape or form. I remember growing up in these same projects and stuff. It's hot right now. The heat will bring a little frustration. Sometimes that cause people to act out. I remember when I had to take from people. So, now that I'm blessed enough to give back, that's what I like to do. We out here passing out A/C units, helping install them and all that right now."

Kodak didn't just put the money up for the units; he also got his hands dirty. The "Tunnel Vision" rhymer personally helped deliver a number of units to the cars and homes of his former neighbors. One woman was brought to tears by Kodak's giveaway.

The Sniper Gang rapper definitely has money to blow and his good deeds are not going unnoticed. Last month, Kodak was honored by his hometown when Florida's Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness declared June 11 Kodak Black Day during a ceremony at a charity basketball game. The artist's philanthropic efforts and musical accomplishments were celebrated.

Check out footage of Kodak Black and his team passing out air conditioning units in his old neighborhood below.

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