Lady Gaga has finally revealed her colorful 'ARTPOP' album cover, where she is semi-topless, wearing a wig with heavy bangs and little-to-no makeup. She is posed -- make that "exposed" -- in such a way that it appears as though she is giving birth to 'ARTPOP' itself, which is shaped like a huge, cobalt blue ball.

The cover is part of a sculpture designed by artist Jeff Koons, whose last name is dropped in a verse on 'Applause.'

Gaga tweeted the image, writing: "FULL ARTPOP ALBUM COVER.' One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me! #ApplauseJeffKoons."

She then tweeted little details about the cover, as well, putting the image and the artist in context like only she can.

Thank goodness for the strategically placed locks of hair and her hands, which cover her breasts. Since the ball is placed between her legs, she looks like she is releasing it on the world. The music came from inside her; therefore, 'ARTPOP' is her child.

The image reminds us that she is literally the Mother Monster.

She's assumed this position before, in the 'Born This Way' video.  Also, this image is nothing like the 'BTW' cover, which found Ma Monster as half-pop diva, half-motorcycle. Here, she is more like a modern day Botticelli goddess.

PopCrushers and little monsters, what do you guys think of Gaga's 'ARTPOP' cover? The blue ball looks like Christmas tree ornament that's been super, duper-sized.

Remember, the album drops on Nov. 11.

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