Here's something that wasn't on the broadcast but was infinitely better than what aired.

Backstage at the 2013 MTV VMAs last night (Aug. 25), One Direction did a quick interview, which saw Liam Payne quoting Biggie Smalls' 'Hypnotize,' since they were in Brooklyn, which was the slain rapper's hometown. Then, the boys met Lady Gaga, who defended them after they were booed over winning the Best Song of the Summer VMA for 'Best Song Ever.'

Ma Monster then joined them for a photo opp. Gaga is a new Directioner, it'd seem.

"If I did hear what I heard out there, I want to tell you deserve you get every bit of success that you have," Gaga, who opened her own performance of 'Applause' with scripted boos. "Don't you dare let those people boo you. I put that booing in my own show…because I wanted to make a comment about that. I want to leave right now. I don't want to stay anymore because I don't want to be in a room where people will be like that. You deserve this."

How sweet of her! Louis Tomlinson seemed unbothered by the boos, saying, "Ah well, f--k it. F--k it."

Then Gaga snapped a pic with 1D, with her shapely, Kevin Hart-adored bum in full view. It's always nice to have the Mother Monster on your side, so relish it, 1D!


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