There's a push for legalized gambling in Texas with the announcement that the Las Vegas Sands will launch a multi-million dollar ad campaign.


Legalized gambling in Texas is about to get a big push from the Las Vegas Sands, who have committed to spending millions of dollars to make it happen. Of course, the Sands want to bring casinos to Texas because there's plenty of money in it for them, but what's wrong with that?

According to an article from the Texas Tribune, the Sands will begin an aggressive marketing campaign on TV and radio in the bigger markets here in Texas. The ads will focus on the "billions of tourism and gambling dollars" lost to neighboring states like Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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Those states are taking money away from Texas because they allow gambling, and people are willing to drive to states where gambling is legal so they can also take a shot at winning hundreds, thousands, even millions of dollars.

Question: isn't playing the Powerball, Mega-Millions and The Texas Lottery technically legalized gambling? You can walk into any convenience store or gas station and buy as many lottery tickets as you want as long as you are old enough. So why not just make casino gambling legal too?

I'm a firm believer that a person should be allowed to spend his or her money as they wish. Wanna blow it all on one pull of the one-armed-bandit? Be my guest, it's your money. Want to place a bet that the Cowboys are going to win it all this year? Go right ahead.

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The good news here is that Texas lawmakers are at least willing to talk about it. That's the first step. Get it on the ballot and let the people decide and while you're at it, let the people decide about legalized marijuana as well. There're millions of dollars to made in that industry too.

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