How's this for a plot twist? Despite the fact that LeBron James referenced Jay Z's "A Star Is Born" in a post-championship winning interview, and despite the many photographs the two superstars have taken together, LeBron's stepfather seems to think that Hov was rooting for Bron's demise. The Cleveland Cavaliers were on the brink of elimination three separate times in the NBA Finals, making history by winning three consecutive games. As Bron's stepfather puts it though, the Carter's presence at Game 6 was solely to watch the Cavs and LeBron fail.

"This a real exclusive announcement. So I saw Jay Z and Beyoncé come to Game 6, I don’t know what reason they came. We still won Game 6. I really felt like he came to see if LeBron James was gonna lose at his house to a real pretty boy ass nigga named Stephen Curry," he says in the above video. "I’m starting to see these big moguls. Jay Z, to me, is one of the biggest haters of them all. And I really feel like he came in our arena, him and Beyoncé, Game 6, they had to get all that fake attention shit. But they really came to see if LeBron James would lose a championship. We ain’t losin' shit, homie. None of y’all niggas bigger than LeBron."

It is purely speculative to say that Jay and Bey attended Game 6 with hopes of a Warriors victory. LeBron has quoted Jay Z lyrics on more than one occasion, so it would be curious if behind what appears to be a friendship is any feeling of disdain. Watch the comments up top.

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