Concertgoers in Sweden got an unexpected surprise during a Lenny Kravitz concert on Monday night (Aug. 3). The R&B rocker’s manhood made a shocking appearance and it was caught on video. Yes, it really happened.

In the clip, the 51-year-old singer was performing a guitar solo during his performance of “American Woman” when his pants split in the crotch area and his private parts popped out. A photo of his wardrobe malfunction has gone viral and it’s obviously NSFW. But if you want to see Kravitz's nether regions in all their glory, click here.

According to Swedish newspaper Expressen (via NME), Kravitz left the stage and changed into some new pants. When he returned he told the crowd, “Sorry, I ripped my trousers.”

It’s unusual to hear about a male artist having a wardrobe malfunction onstage. Nevertheless, Kravitz joins an illustrious list of artists who have exposed themselves while performing. Nicki Minaj has had quite a few wardrobe malfunctions in her career thus far while R&B singers Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey also had embarrassing moments onstage.

What do you think of Lenny Kravitiz’s wardrobe malfunction? Tell us in the comments below.

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