Central Texas you do not want to miss the celebration of the year. The best of the best business owners, and entrepreneurs are coming out to celebrate the godmother in Central Texas Carolyn Brown.

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Courtesy of Carolyn Brown
Courtesy of Carolyn Brown

This event will be hosted by Shariff Bishop who is a comedian on the rise here in Central Texas that’s already been in a Netflix special right here in town. I think that is very important that we celebrate Carolyn Brown the right way. This woman has done so much for the community and has made a stamp here. I can remember being a young girl and my mother getting her hair done at obsession by Carolyn's which was her salon. Carolyn has always been someone that has been involved with the community and the community and has always appreciated every event that she has hosted for us.


Courtesy of Carolyn Brown
Courtesy of Carolyn Brown

When it’s time to celebrate good people it should be done right. Carolyn Brown is having the all-black event on September 24 with some of the most prestigious businesswomen and men of Central Texas. If you want to be a part of this event tickets will be available here. Carolyn Brown has the best caterers in town and some of the best vendors as well participating in her birthday bash, I’m gonna be honest I was just excited to be invited this year. Happy birthday Carolyn Brown a.k.a. the OG of Central Texas, you truly appreciate it we cannot wait to celebrate you as a community!

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