UPDATE (Dec. 30):

After capturing headlines for claiming his former manager enabled his near-fatal drug addiction, Lil Xan is explaining why he decided to bring his story public.

"So glad I could finally bring this story to light," Xan captioned a screengrab of an article covering his recent revelation on Instagram. "And I putting 100% of the blame on him? No I was a drug addict how could I! Am I telling you that he was doing nothing but speeding up my drug use by supplying my the very pills that could’ve killed me? YES! I’m making this public because I know in my heart this happens way to often and it’s how we end up losing some of the greatest artist way to young...These people must answer for there crimes, I remember days on tour my security would have to check on me to see if I was still breathing! But as long as I was medicated enough to get on stage and make that bag for me and the team everything was all good lol what a joke."

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Lil Xan reacts to response to opening up about drug use
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Lil Xan is accusing his former manager of supplying him with drugs when he was at the height of his addiction.

Xan has been open about his battle with sobriety since he became a rapper, most notably in 2018, when he relapsed and entered himself into a drug rehab program. On Wednesday (Dec. 29), the "Watch Me Fall" rapper, now sober, opened up about his struggles and blamed others for trying to keep him in a bad space.

"Do you guys remember the whole Lil Peep, the story when his management was giving him drugs and it just wasn't helping out and all that?" Xan asked in a clip, referencing accusations that members of Lil Peep's camp enabled him to keep doing drugs leading to his death. "That happened to me on tour. My manager's name, well, I don't even like to call him my manager anymore, Stat Quo. Remember that name, Stat Quo."

He added, "When I was on tour through 2018 to 2000-whatever, the world tours with Nicki [Minaj] and Juice [Wrld] and all that, I was a drug addict back then, right? And my manager was supplying me with the drugs."

Xan said Stat would make calls to have drugs delivered whenever the rapper needed them on tour. He is contemplating taking legal action because of the detrimental effect caused by his addiction. "He's gonna act like he didn't do that, like a fuckin' hypocrite, and I'm really feeling like I should take him to court," Xan added. "Because that was a time I almost died from the drugs. I was so skinny, unhealthy. Yeah, but his name is Stat Quo."

Xan additionally accused Stat of thievery as well. "Also, he took my car away, too, that I paid the majority of the money," Xan said. "Now, he wants $30,000 of the remaining money to pay it off. It's literally all my money in the car and he won't give it to me."

Stat Quo, a former Shady/Aftermath artist in the early 2000s who also manages Young Aspect, has yet to respond to Xan's claims. XXL has reached out to Stat for comment.

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