Lil Yachty has expensive tastes, figuratively. But, literally, the Atlanta rapper still likes eating the stuff he did during his humble beginnings.

On Friday night (May 31), Boat attended a dinner for Quality Control CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas' birthday. Unfortunately, nothing on the menu struck the QC rhymer's fancy. Menu items like satay of chicken with peanut sauce, lobster wontons, miso glazed sea bass and wagyu didn't sound like they were hittin.' "Welp...I don't do anything on this menu," Yachty posted on Instagram with a photo of the menu.

Luckily for Boat, it was Uber Eats to the rescue. He called up an order from McDonald's and had it there to munch on before the special dinner was over. The next photo he posted was of a wrapped Hot 'N Spicy McChicken sandwich. "Thank you Uber Eats," he wrote.

It sounds like he wasn't the only person at the dinner that would have rather settled for some fast food. Yachty posted a video joking the Migos for sharing his McDonald's sandwich. "They all eating it," he joked.

In music-related news, Yachty recently revealed his upcoming Lil Boat 3 project is coming soon via an announcement on Instagram. The new project will be the follow-up to last October's Nuthin 2 Prove album.

Check out video of Lil Yachty turning down a gourmet meal for a Hot 'N Spicy McChicken from Micky D's below.

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