Back in May, a shooting at T.I.'s New York concert at Irving Plaza left one person dead and three people injured. The shooting also ended with rapper Troy Ave being arrested and hit with five felony charges—one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Now, two fans who were in attendance are suing concert promoters Live Nation and the venue, alleging that it lacked property security, according to TMZ. Attorney Vincent Provenzano says that his two clients were "trampled" as people rushed for the exits following gunfire. They're seeking unspecified damages, claiming that they've suffered serious physical injuries and "mental anguish." Provenzano says that just the fact that guns were present inside of the venue in the first place is proof that the venue lacked adequate security.

Troy Ave is also suing the company and the venue it operates in relation to the shooting. In the complaint, Troy Ave claims that security guards employed by Irving Plaza allowed him and other guests to enter through a VIP entrance located on the side of the venue without checking for weapons either with a wand or a metal detector. Troy claims in the lawsuit that he nor any of his associates brought any weapons inside the venue, therefore, any firearm that was recovered was brought in by an unnamed third party.


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