Love & Hip Hop Hollywood proves that a marriage goes out the window once women show up to the studio. This week's episode shows Brandi and Max's marriage being put to the test while romance is found again between Miles and Milan. The rest of the cast find themselves tangled up in their own messy relationships as questionable gossip spreads.

Brandi Burnside and Nikki Mudarris bombard Brandi's husband, Max Lux, in the studio as he's shacked up with Ray J and several groupies. And one has her arm around Max. Brandi aims for her head but the groupie claims she didn't know that Max was married -- probably because he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. It's in Brandi's purse. An irate Brandi is escorted out by security as Max walks away from his wife.

Max goes ghost on Whitney Houston's goddaughter since their incident at the studio. When he finally comes home, he tells Brandi he's considering ending their 11-year marriage. Max leaves the house and throws his ring into the bushes before driving off in reverse -- since Brandi's standing in front of his parallel parked car.

All isn't well yet between Ray J and Princess either. Ray J asks his girl not to hang around people who aren't looking out for her best interest aka his ex, Teairra Mari. But Princess shoots back that Ray J hangs out with whoever he wants to hang out with, without questions from her. Therefore, she should be able to do the same. Ray J disagrees and remarks that he doesn't like the new Princess.

New Princess is devious too. She tells Apryl that she suspects that Teairra told Ray J that she was at Drake's party. But in order to find out whether Teairra is the rat, she sets up a trap by inviting her to a faux girls trip to Las Vegas to see if it gets to Ray J.

Next up is Miles, who explains that Milan has ignored his calls and texts for two weeks since their fight. Miles goes to talk with Hazel E at her recording session where he relays that Milan doesn't understand his reservations on coming out. Miles denies that he's cheating and is willing to execute a grand gesture of love towards Milan to prove his commitment.

While other relationships may be falling apart, things start to look good for Miles, who finally convinces Milan to meet with him. Miles takes a big leap in their relationship by braving himself to have dinner in public. But, that's not all -- he also got a tattoo of Milan's initials on his back. The gesture works and the two share a kiss. And just like that, the lovers are back in paradise.

But as Miles is boo'd up with Milan again, he goes MIA on Amber so she decides to have lunch with Teairra and Moniece to vent. While dining, Teairra also decides to text Ray J about her Vegas invite thus falling into Princess' trap.

Meanwhile, Kamiah speaks with Jason Lee, a blogger and close friend, for advice on her fallout with Fizz. Jason asks how Fizz is in the sheets and Kamiah responds that he's decent, when he could get it up. Ouch. Jason tells Kamiah to be the bad bitch she knows she is and to quit wasting her time with a guy who can't "rise to the occasion." No pun intended he said, but we know better.

On the other hand, Fizz is on the prowl again so he heads to the V Lounge where he bumps into his old flame, Nikki. Fizz pulls Nikki aside for some one-on-one time where Fizz admits he misses her a lot (arms spread out wide a lot).

It proves to be a small world though as Jason,'s Editor-in-Chief, finds himself at the same restaurant as Fizz, who's grabbing some grub with Apryl. After a back-and-forth dish on the Kamiah situation, Fizz mentions that their sex life was good -- despite Kamiah's version.

Fizz and Nikki's relationship seems to be heating up as well as he takes her to the movie theater he's personally invested in. The two sit in the empty theater as Nikki tells him about her lingerie line and mentions she wants to promote it with Jason. Fizz warns Nikki about Jason and tells her about his run-in with the gossip site owner. But before the conversation heads to a negative turn, Fizz woos her by bringing her favorite sour sugar-coated candy to the theater. Nikki pops one in her mouth and pulls Fizz in for a kiss.

Nikki doesn't heed Fizz's warning and meets with Jason. During their lunch, she mentions that she wants to bring Hazel onboard the team. Although Jason readily disagrees and hints at bad blood between the two. But it's too late -- Nikki invites Hazel to dine with them. The two immediately start arguing until Jason gets fed up and throws a glass of water in Hazel's face.

Back at Fizz's house, Nikki sits on the crooner's kitchen counter in lingerie after making him breakfast. Kamiah comes to retrieve her things from the house and Nikki and Fizz take the opportunity to confront Kamiah on spreading gossip about them. Kamiah denies talking about Nikki but the three keep yelling over each other. Kamiah tells Fizz to shut up and threatens to fight Nikki. The club owner isn't scared though.

Nikki even makes Kamiah a parting gift -- a bag of toiletries. Kamiah throws it at Nikki, which moves Fizz to kick Kamiah out. She snuffs Fizz twice after she tells him not to touch her. Fizz calls her a "bitch" while Nikki yells that she forgot her care package. Kamiah comes back to throw the gift at her again and suggests Nikki should get more plastic surgery.

If you want to see all the drama unfold, watch the full episode here. Stay tuned for next week's madness.

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