By now, you should know that Macklemore gives one helluva show when he performs onstage. At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (April 14), the Seattle rapper didn't disappoint.

Along with his DJ-producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore gave an energetic performance of their fist-pumping anthem 'Can't Hold Us.' Dressed in a royal blue suit with yellow-trimmed tassels and matching Air Jordan kicks, the 'Thrift Shop' rapper had the crowd raising their hands high in the sky during his set.

Macklemore also proved how much his fans are really supportive of him. He jumped into the audience and stood on the fans' hands, and then, allowed the crowd to carry him back to the stage. Now that's what you call fan support.

Elsewhere, R&B-gospel singer Ray Dalton crooned the infectious hook, while Ryan Lewis played hype man urging everyone to sing-along to the song. There was also the brass section, who were all dressed in Mariachi outfits, blowing their trumpets to the stomping beat.

"This is an incredible and very surreal experience. Never thought I would be here. #sharkfacegang #MovieAwards," Macklemore tweeted afterward. "Thanks for all the movie awards love tonight! To hear that the fans & my city are proud is what matters.... Feeling truly grateful right now."

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