Tupac Shakur's music has helped many listeners get through things in their lives—but it's also reportedly the same reason one Iowa social worker lost his job.

On Tuesday (July 16), the Associated Press reported the findings of their investigation that revealed that a 66-year-old 'Pac superfan Jerry Foxhoven was asked to resign from his two-year tenure as the director of Iowa’s social services agency after sending too many emails about the late rapper.

The AP reviewed 350 pages of emails sent by Foxhoven as part of the investigation and also found that he hosted Tupac Fridays in his office where he'd play 'Pac's music. As for Foxhoven's 65th birthday last year? He celebrated with Tupac-themed cookies, of course.

While some of the employees at his office enjoyed the Tupac-related content, at least one person complained to Iowa state lawmakers after Foxhaven sent an email to the entire agency to celebrate Tupac’s birthday over a weekend last month. The next workday, he reportedly received an email from Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds asking him to resign. For his part, Foxhaven does not believe it was the Tupac content that got him fired. He thinks  Gov. Reynolds merely decided to “go in a different direction” with the agency.

In related Tupac news, multiple personal items from the late rapper have recently been put up for auction, including his first jail I.D. from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York and the handwritten breakup letter he sent to Madonna. The items are available through the memorabilia company, Heritage Auctions, and became available this month.

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