6ix9ine has been casually roaming the streets of New York City with his security team in tow ever since he's officially been released from house arrest. However, over the weekend, a man tested the rapper's security's gangster after he was recording and provoking Tekashi from his car.

In video footage that surfaced online on Sunday (Aug. 9), a man is seen in a car taunting 6ix9ine in New York City, possibly Harlem, N.Y. Tekashi is in the distance as the man scoffs at him. "What happened?," the man asks Tekashi's security, who is trying to block him from communication with the rapper. "What happened, big man? What happened? Nigga, don't act tough, nigga. Don't act tough, pussy. Don't act tough. Nigga, I'll put you on lock. Suck a dick. Three million, nigga? You pussy. Fight me. Fight me. Fight me."

The video then switches to another scene, in which the man can be heard asking for his phone. Perhaps 6ix9ine's security took the phone from the man after he tried to confront the Brooklyn native. "Yo, record this shit. You heard?," the man says to a crowd of people that have now gathered at the scene. Moments later, the man is seen wrestling with one of Tekashi's security guards.

He grabs and lifts the security guard's shirt in the process of trying to take his phone back. A voice can be heard in the background yelling, "Give him his phone." Another man, who also appears to be a part of the polarizing artist's security team runs over to the two men with what appears to be a gun in his hand. A woman is then heard repeatedly saying, "Don't shoot."

Shortly after, one of the black SUVs that were among the fleet parked at the scene drives off.

It's unclear what happened afterwards. Also, 6ix9ine couldn't be spotted amid the chaos once the man and the rapper's security got into the physical altercation.

6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade both hopped on Instagram to comment on the incident after the video began making its rounds. "If he would of got shot ya would of been saying 'WHY YA SHOT HIM?.'" she wrote in the comment section of The Shade Room's IG post of the video. "Clout is a dangerous drug 'DONT SHOOT PLEASE 😂.'"

Then, Tekashi said, "DONT SHOOT DONT SHOOT 'give me my phone back' lose ya life for clout."

theshaderoom via Instagram
_ohsoyoujade via Instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

As previously reported, the "Punani" rapper has supposedly hired a 22-person security team of former law enforcement officers to protect him now that he is no longer on house arrest.

Check out the video of the incident below.

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