It's official, man can now fly! No worries though, I'm sure women will be able to fly soon enough too.

For now, Franky Zapata may be the only man able to fly through the air, but of course with some assistance. Mr. Zapata has created a hoverboard called the Flyboard Air.

Reports state that the Flyboard Air runs on kerosene and is powered by only five jets. The hoverboard can fly for up to 10 minutes and is able to reach speeds as high as 110 mph. You won't quite be able to reach the stars with the Flyboard Air though, as the recommended altitude is only 50 to 65 feet.

Ten days ago, Franky Zapata made his first attempt to cross the English Channel with the Flyboard air. Unfortunately, Mr. Zapata fell into the water when he was attempting to land halfway through his trip to refuel.

On Sunday Franky decided it was time for his second attempt at crossing the English Channel. Hundreds of spectators gathered to cheer Mr. Zapata on, and this time, history was made.

Using the Flyboard Air, Franky Zapata was able to cross the English Channel in only 22 minutes. Leading up to the 2nd attempt, Mr. Zapata and his team worked 16-hour days in order to ensure his success.

So what's the future for Franky Zapata and the Flyboard Air? Well, the French Defense Ministry has already pledged 1.5 million dollars to Franky's company, Zapata Industries, so the future is bright!

Should civilians be allowed to fly through the air using hover boards? If so, what age restrictions should apply for air travel? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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