TikTok user @nikpeiler has gone viral after posting a video listing 5 things anyone moving to Texas needs to know, including getting out of people's way in the left lane, our obsession with H-E-B, and the fact that just about everyone's packin' in the Lone Star State.

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Being from Chicago and having moved here almost 6 years ago, I can add to this list.

I agree with Nik. I dated this chick in the army at Fort Hood, and it was so cute she brought her gun with her every time we went out. Even when we hung out at my house, she'd bring her wittle gun (awww). I never even met a woman that owned a gun until I moved to Texas!

Dog Lovers

Everyone in the great state of Texas owns a dog, and if you are not a dog lover or do not like them, you should move. I wasn't a dog lover, but now I actually like them because of these damn Texans.

Is Pecan Pronounced PEA-can or Puh-KAHN?

If you mispronounce this word, you will get corrected in public by multiple people.


Sweet Tea

Texans drink this stuff like water. You don't necessarily have to like it, just know it's always an option.


Oh, you gone eat some barbeque!

We have rib joints in Chicago, so eating BBQ wasn't a different thing for me, but we didn't have as many BBQ restaurants as Texas. Whether brisket or sausage, you gonna get a rib or two in your life in the Lone Star State.

Crazy Drivers

So I can attest to this, especially driving in major cities like Dallas and Houston.

The drivers are crazy!

It's not a surprise to hear car insurance commercials on the radio all the time because you are going to need their services!

But I wouldn't put all the blame on the motorists.

How some of these highways are constructed (especially in Dallas) are not driver-friendly, or is it a Texas thing?


Die Hard Dallas Cowboy Fans

It doesn't matter that the last Super Bowl Texas saw was way back in 1995 when the Cowboys won. Texans love this football team. Although there are two professional NFL teams in Texas, the Dallas Cowbooys are the only team that matters.

Any others to add to this? Sound off in the comments.

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