It looks like winning a $7.4 million verdict against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke wasn't a good enough for Marvin Gaye's family. After walking away with a legal victory, the late soul icon's estate has filed additional motions on Tuesday (Mar. 17) asking a judge to amend the jury's verdict to include penalties for all parties involved including T.I. and the record labels connected to the hit song "Blurred Lines."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Gaye family is requesting the judge responsible for the case "correct" the jury's verdict by including "Universal Music, Interscope Records and Star Trak Entertainment to the list of infringers." The family is also asking that the judge "set aside the jury's verdict" and hold Tip accountable for his role in the production of the song as well.

Ultimately, the Gaye Estate is making a serious statement: If the artists are going to be punished, those who aided in assisting the production, promotion and sale of the single must also be punished too.

"The issue is important not only because it might represent more money for Gaye's side, but also because it could influence the judge's decision about whether to order an injunction pertaining to further distribution of 'Blurred Lines,'" reports THR.

As the Gaye family looks to have an injunction served, they say it's not to stop the "exploitation" of the song all together. Instead, they want to negotiate an agreement so that Marvin Gaye can get credited on the song and share the copyright and future royalties from the song.

While Pharrell' lawyer, Howard King, doesn't believe an injunction on the music will be granted due to the jury's original verdict, there's no telling where this case could end.

Attorneys for T.I. had no comment on the matter.

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