TMZ caught up with Master P and got his take on LiAngelo Ball's NBA dreams.

The young ball player wasn't invited to the draft combine, leaving some fans in doubt about whether or not he'll make it to the NBA. Ball didn't attend college and his time on Lithuania's pro team ended pretty quickly, making it seem like a career in the NBA might be a long shot.

But Master P—who definitely knows his basketball seeing as how he was almost picked up by a team himself— says don't trip.

"It isn't over for LiAngelo Ball, there's still summer leagues and I'm sure someone will pick him up," he told the reporter.

Beyond sharing advice to Ball, Master P has been remembering other baller stories lately. Last month, the music mogul took a trip down memory lane, recalling the time he almost put hands on Kobe Bryant—that is until Lamar Odom intervened.

P shared the story in a conversation on The Red Pill With Van Lathan, saying he and the retired NBA star "almost got into it."

"I almost got into it with Kobe before at the Laker's facility," he said. "Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off," P said.

At any rate, catch his comments about LiAngelo Ball below.


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