Within the last 24 hours, Meek Mill let the world know what he really thinks about Drake.

The rapper vented using Twitter as his sounding board in hopes of justifying his placement among rap's elite. In the process, he eradicated his relationship with Drake in a series of scathing tweets aimed at his songwriting skills -- or lack thereof. "He don’t write his own raps!" Meek directed at Drizzy.

With everyone tuned in to a comedy-laden episode of Meek's World on Twitter, fans managed to get in on the action and create the hashtag #MeekBeLike along with memes poking fun at his tweets. "#MeekBeLike that beard ain't even real his ghostwriter drew it on for him," reads one with a photo of Drake's beard.

Check out some of the hilarious #MeekBeLike memes.

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