4 Bakers In Killeen You Should Know

Killeen TX, home to many veterans, artist, doctors, athletes, creatives and bakers!

If Killeen isn't known for anything else it's known for having a melting pot of talented people and this time we're shedding light on 5 amazing bakers.

How many times have you been planning a celebratory event or just craving something sweet but didn't know a baker to turn to? Too many times to count right?

Well this list right here will save any birthday party, baby shower, graduation celebration or late night craving you have from here on out.
I want to introduce you to 5 talented bakers that specialize in custom sweets, fresh cookies, well designed tier cakes and anything in between.

Beware this thread will cause you to want sweets immediately after but lucky for you their contact information will be provided as well.

Check them out!

Here Are 8 Things To Do In Central Texas During The Winter Months

While we are in the beginning stages of winter 2022, some people may feel as if there aren't many activities to do while it's somewhat cold outside. You do know that there are tons of indoor places where you can have just as much fun as you would if it was 90 degrees outside, right?

But just where are they? I'll tell you: Right here in Central Texas!

It's The Slay For Me! 5 CTX Hairstylists You Should Know

If I had to write out a list of things we ladies don't play about number one would easily be our hair.

Sitting in salons and engaging in girl talk helped me realize that a lot of us would prefer to see someone's work or know someone who sat in a stylist's chair before trusting them to play in our tresses.

Somewhere in the CenTex, there is a woman looking for a new stylist to call their own so it's only right I drop a list of CTX hairstylists who are doing their thing and accepting new clients.

Read More: It's The Slay For Me! 5 CTX Hairstylists You Should Know | https://myb106.com/check-out-these-hairstylist-in-killeen/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

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