Amazon has done it again.

The company recently announced yet another futuristic product meant to make our lives a little easier. They even gave it giant, adorable eyes and named it after the dog from the Jetsons.

Meet Astro. He's designed to be your personal assistant at home, helping you with everyday tasks and monitoring what goes on in and around your house.

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Astro Sees Everything

That’s right: depending on your settings, everything that goes on in your house will be monitored by this robot.

He can also perform video chats, set alarms and alerts. According to Charlie Tritschler, Vice President of Products at Amazon, Astro can also be used to monitor loved ones like elderly relatives you care for, children, and pets. He knows to avoid any type of collision with anyone or anything in his path, and can alert you to security issues like break-ins while keeping an eye on what's happening around your house.

Astro-nomical Price Tag

Now this product definitely cost a pretty penny for sure. o purchase one of these robots, it'll cost $1000, but the features that this robot has is amazing and worth every cent.

He can be remotely controlled to check on any room in the house (and any person), plus he can help determine anything you might need in your house. For instance, if you're out shopping and can't remember if you need more tortillas, Astro can check your pantry for you.

Worried About Privacy?

20th Century Fox, Morbotron
20th Century Fox, Morbotron

Again Astro is pretty pricey, but what do you expect? He comes with features that some of us cannot even operate as humans.

Of course, lots of people will have privacy concerns. According to Amazon, you'll be able to set out of bounds zones in your house where Astro will know not to go or not to monitor. You can also turn off his microphones and cameras, and there are supposed to be clear indicators on his screen of whether or not his monitoring tools are active.

So, it'll really boil down to whether you trust those features and want the convenience and help Astro could deliver.


Whatever the case, it's clear Astro and other bots like him are part of our future.

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