My mother was the queen of the kitchen. I constantly find myself asking my sisters and sister-in-law "Hey do you have moms recipe for this?". My mother's love for cooking inspired my brother Carlos to become an Executive Chef.

Although she was way too particular and her attention to detail came off as nitpicking, she was successful in running a kitchen which was our family's first restaurant. Her recipes were humble and reminded her of her little village in Mexico. I wish my mother wrote down her recipes, so I could cook her delicious meals for my friends and family and make them realize why I am so in love with food.

A grandma from a little village in Mexico named Angela has started a YouTube channel that has acquired thousands of followers overnight. The YouTube channel is “From my ranch to your kitchen,”. Abuelita (grandma) Angela’s unpretentious program shows us that the culinary tradition of older adults can also be shared through social media. She is just shy of one million subscribers, go Abuelita go!

If you speak Spanish, you need to check this YouTube channel out. Although I have never been to a "rancho" (ranch) in Mexico, I oddly feel like I am hanging out with my Abuelita learning her humble cooking skills. If you're wanting to learn Spanish, this cooking class may help you. If your cooking comes out amazing, you're learning Spanish. If it's bad, then you need to watch "Dora the Explorer" until you graduate out of that stage.

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