Not long after couple publicly ended their relationship, multiple reports are surfacing that Miley stayed with Liam because she thought she was pregnant!

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First of all, let's all breathe a sigh of release that Miley Cyrus is not with child. Can you imagine the nursery? It would probably be decorated with giant depressed looking teddy bears and foam fingers. But according to sources, the Wrecking Ball singer DID think she was knocked up for a long time, thanks to a false positive on a home pregnancy test!

According to reports, Miley was really excited, and wanted to tell the world, but Liam begged her to wait until she was 100% sure she was pregnant. After allegedly finally going to the doctor, the foam finger loving star found out she was NOT

This supposed "friend", who spilled the beans to OK! Magazine, told the magazine that Miley begged Liam to stay with her when she found out, telling him she would tell the world he abandoned her if he left. Supposedly, she told Liam he could have his space, as long as they could go on being "engaged".

When asked, the singer's rep denied claims of the pregnancy scare. Who knows if MC actually thought she was preggo, but that would certainly shed some light on why the pair stayed together so long. Regardless, I'm just glad Miley isn't responsible for any other human being besides herself right now.

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