Did you see a column of smoke west of Temple today? So did we.

When I drive through Temple on my way home I usually head West on West Adams. It offers a pretty good view of the area West of Temple as you cross over Loop 363. If something is on fire off in that direction you can pretty much see it from that area.

The photo above looks exactly like what I saw when I was driving home from getting tires today. Turns out, it was a mobile home fire.

News 10 reports that multiple units from several departments responded Friday after flames engulfed a mobile home west of Belton. News 10 reports the fire was called in around 4 p.m in the 5000 block of Dogridge Road south of U.S. 190/ Interstate 14. It was around 4:10 p.m. today when I saw the column of smoke driving West.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported at the time of this blog post. Temple Daily Telegram has a photo of what's left of the mobile home here.

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